Saturday, April 9, 2016

Day 65

* Update 16:00 *

Now it certainly starts to happen things here!

Kitty didn't sleep so much tonight .. not nearly as heavy as previous nights.

She twisted and turned, sat up occasionally and "complained" by whining.

Here is the temperatures today:

10.00 - 36.9

11.00 - 37.0

12:00 - 36.8

10.13 - 36.5

14:00 - 36.9

After this, it has remained steady at 37.0, so most likely it is going up now so it can start soon. Kitty has vomited twice today and you see that she's feeling sick.. emptying of the bowel and bladder has started, she want's to go out often.

You now have an update =)

* At 0:30 *

Now I update from the bed in the puppy room, where I have slept the last 3 nights. Yes .. I long for my wonderful bed, but not as much as I long for the little ones will come!!

The food does not interest at all anymore.

Kitty retains really calm and have not at all stressed up the slightest even though she knows what's to come. She has scratched in the bed a lot today, but not hysterically if you know what I mean.

Oh well, maybe it will be a very long day tomorrow, not just that we mae have the puppies, but also because I have to prepare two of our dogs for Sunday's show in Sundsvall. They have to be bathed and hairdryed and I have to pack all the things and put in the car .. Yes, we will  see if I manage everything !!

Sure it's so wonderful to be a dog breeder !! 😍 <3



Friday, April 8, 2016

Day 64

Time 12.15

This dog has totally made a fool out of me this week!! This morning the temperature has fallen and fallen and now stands at 36.9. Will check it again in a few hours, we will see if she is even lower or if it then starts going up towards normal temperature. Yes .. now it might finally happen! But, as I said earlier in this diary, we continue to wait, they will come out anyway, regardless if it's today or Monday.
Well, the night has been quite calm, she has scratched a little bit but otherwise slept really heavy and dreamed a lot .. whining and barking in her sleep while she was "running". So darn cute! <3

The food is not all that interesting anymore .. she can take a mouth full and then go to bed and spit them out.

 Will be back with new update later.

Here are two pictures of the parents to be, as you probably have seen before! but they are just too beautiful! <3 First mother Kitty and then dad Chefen.





Thursday April 7, 2016

Day 63

Hello everyone! Now it has been quite calm here with Kitty. The waiting continues! Kitty has scratched and been making sounds during the night but not started with the emptying of the bowels yet. She is not stressed or nervous but I don't think se will be that! What I remember from the previous two litters is that she was fixing in her whelpingbox a few days before whelping, eating and drinking normally and not at all been "nervous about what is to come." Simply, the water just broke after her sleeping all night and then the puppies came, one by one, with a short break inbetween. Therefore, I will not leave her at home alone, I will stay at home at all times until this is over!

Well well, the stomach has actually grown more! The measure is 96 cm now! Thus, it has grown 21 cm since I measured her the first time. Well, she's big now! Especially when she's lying down as I said before.

A large mucus plug came yesterday about 12:00, maybe there will be more of it, just have to wait and see.

But I suppose you are very curious now everyone who is waiting for puppy from this litter, I know that you are very many! And so I try to keep you all updated, but it is of course easier to write here so you can read when you want, than to send messages and call all of you. But it is super fun when you send a text and ask how things are going, it makes me really happy!

No, now I have to do something to occupy me!


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day 62

*Morning at 07.00*

Kitty has slept and dreamt a lot this night!

She has been scratching and making alot of sounds in the morning, pooped two times since 05.00 and also ate a little. She is quite thirsty now..

Her temperature is steady at 37,7 and has been for almost 4 hours now. It's not going up and down as it did a few days ago.

Well well.. we will have to keep waiting!



Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Day 61 


* Update 18.00 *

No puppies yet, the temperature today has been quite stable. Most gone up during the day except when it went down just a little once. Now it's quite stable around 38.0. So, we think that it's on it's way but will probably take a while before it is up and running fully. The stomach is now ROCK HARD! Right now she sleeps very hard, but she has scratched a lot during the day. Now I will keep waiting but I wanted to leave a little update, for you who follow this! =)


*Morning at 06.00*

Hello everyone who reads this! Woke up this morning at 5:00 when I heard Kitty making alot of noice. Went down to the puppy room and found her scratching in the whelping box. Took hes temperature and it was at 37.0. Maybe it was the reduced temperature we have been waiting for? The temperature has now slowly risen to 37.2 so now she's possibly starting within 12 hours . We'll see what happens during the day, would guess that whelping starts in the evening! But you can be fooled by these dogs, cant we?

Everything is prepared for the whelping, so now we just have to wait! Our Midwife-Assistant Camilla has released all her "has-to-do-list" and come over here to be at our side and help with various things that you may need help with, extremely grateful for it. Lukas is having a great day over at Yvonne's place, can't thank you enough for helping us! <3

Will be back with updates, keep your fingers crossed that it is time now!!



Monday, April 4, 2016

Day 60

So we have finally reached the home stretch, the last week! Kitty think it's really heavy now, but mostly when she lies on the sofa..  you will hear how she sighs and groans. When she is out she's as usual and is equally interested in everything that she usually does. I really don't think it's time yet, however, she sleeps and drinks, but that's pretty much it. She eats, drinks, and is not bad in the stomach. She has not vomited and the temperature has not gone down like it will do about 12 hours before whelping to start. So we continue to wait!

How good it is now, I have never thought about using a baby monitor for these kinds of occasions! I can hear as soon as she moves! So I still sleep in my bed at night, wake up by the slightest sound, but then she just scratching for a while, then lays down and take a sigh, then she sleeps again

Well, the question is, will I dare to sleep in my bed more nights?

Anyway, yes, I have measured the stomach, it has begun to change shape now so now measure 92 cm. It shows quite clearly that the stomach change shape, which is normal.

The movements of the stomach is incredible! It is like everywhere in the stomach, so even if I'm a bit skeptical that it would be 8-9 puppies as the vet thought, this is the thing that can make me think that maybe there is! Yes, soon we know it anyway.

Now there is only 4 days (today counting) until she is due! Will she keep them that long?!

As usual, you will find here some daily fresh photos of the lady!







* Wednesday, March 30, 2016 *

Day 55

Now you can look at Kitty and see that it's not long to go. She whines and feel sorry for herself. She's still eating her food, even if it's a little now and then. Same thing with water. You also see that she uploads, sleep even more than before, and is not so very interested in one short morning walk.. would rather go out in the yard and sit on the patio and look with her nose up in the sky. I have measured the stomach again and is now 93 cm just behind the ribs, increased 4 cm since the last measurment and the total she has grown is now 18 cm.

When Kitty is standing up, you can almost not think that she is pregnant.. yes, she's much bigger around the ribs but you can still see the waist when she stands up. It's when she sits or lies down, that you really understand how big she actually is!!

As soon as you place your hand on her stomach, you feel, no matter where on the stomach to put the hand, that they are very much kicking! You can also just look at the stomach, they are kicking wildly! Happiness!!

Well well, now it's only 9 days left until the expected date of whelping, 63 days from the first mating. Yes, she can actually begin before that, which I also guessing. She has never gone the full 63 days before. But soon we know!

Here are some pictures taken today!








*Friday, March 25, 2016*

Day 50

Today Kitty is on day 50 in her pregnancy. Hunger is as it was when I last wrote, thirst as well! Tired but just as much like to be involved in various activities. If I go out on the patio or in to the bathroom she will be on the other side of the door waiting, she would love to be attached to me at all times!

The belly is growing like crazy, to say the least! Measured today and had to do it all over again, didn't think I did it right the first time. But yes, didn't think it was true !! 89 cm !!!! An increase of 6 cm since the last time, three days ago. An overall increase of 14 cm! Yes, the belly grows as I said!

Today was a very good day for me when I finally felt the first movements in her belly. Absolutely wonderful and the feeling can not be described. Total happiness!

Finally, I just want to announce that there are 13 days left until the expected date of whelping, time flies!!

Here are pictures taken today








*Tuesday, March 22, 2016*

Day 47

Today Kitty is on day 47 and everything is peace and joy. She eats well, although not all at once, eats a little now and then during the day. Drinking often but not huge amounts. Asleep most of the day, when she's lying in bed or the sofa you can hear that it's heavy, she snores and twists and turns. Measured the stomach when she was at day 12 in order to see how much she grows and today it was 83 cm, an increase of 8 cm since the first measurement.

We have made the whelping box, it was gray this time. Hope Kitty will appreciate it

Today it's 16 days left until the expected date of whelping.

Here below you can see some pictures of Kitty taken today! =)