March 2017

Take a look at our planned litters!


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March 2016


Soon it's Easter!

Now we have had some very nice days here in Vännäs! Sun and it has been beautiful outside. The dogs have sunbathed and snored up on the patio. Otherwise, I think most people can guess the countdown has started here with us now, Kitty has 16 (SIXTEEN) days left until she is expected, yes, we are sitting on pins and needles, you are absolutely right.

So, today I fixed a pregnancy diary, both on the Swedish side and the English. Cheering me! HERE you will find the English one. I want to tell all our english-speaking visitors that you can read all that I write in our blog, even if I write in swedish. If you click  "Nyheter" in the meny, there's a button to the right, when the side comes up, where you can select the language you want to read the blog on. Maybe not the best translation of all times, but clearly so that you can understand it! 

And now, all of you wonder,  will she be able to update the pregnancy-diary at least every third day? At least I'll try, otherwise you may complain to me!

Hope that everyone can enjoy a wonderful Easter and we hope for pleasant weather!

See ya!



Kitty has grown more now and we are so excited! So happy that she's pregnant and will have her last litter.

She dosen't eat all her food and started to sleep almost all day! She's just soooo tired..

But she need all the energy she can get of course! 

Now we are heading for a walk in the snow, I will keep you updated!