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Knattebergas Christmas Angel Lejonklippans Äkkinen utan H


The puppies were born 2012-02-21 and they were 5 males and 1 female.

Press the dogs name and you will see that dogs photoalbum.


Male/Female Name Information
M Lionbrook's Authority Of Attention *Passed away*
M SE UCH Lionbrook's Knight Of Attention

Hd-A, Ed-Ua, Eyes-ok (2016-01-22)

Lpn 1&2 - N/N, MH-Ok

M Lionbrook's Soldier Of Attention Hd-C, Ed-Ua
M Lionbrook's Giant Of Attention Hd-E, Ed-Ua
M Lionbrook's Guard Of Attention Hd-B, Ed-Ua
F Lionbrook's Glory Of Attention *Passed away*